Hi, I’m Moritz!

I build accessible websites with webstandards*

Moritz Gießmann *valid and semantic HTML5,
some CSS3
spiced up with JavaScript.


I am Frontend Developer at 1&1 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Creating websites since 2001, I love webstandards, writing clean and handcrafted code using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. When it comes to JavaScript, jQuery is my favourite library to work with.

My work evolves from idealism, passion and the thirst for knowledge which I love to share on workshops and articles I wrote for the German Webstandards Magazin. As a former co-organizer of the webmonday Karlsruhe I helped to give web people like me a platform for sharing their knowledge. I am a member of the Webkrauts, a German association of web designers fighting for web standards, like the Webstandards Project.


Feel free to . You can also chat with me via Skype and of course: Follow me on Twitter.

Responsible for all contents on this site: Moritz Gießmann, contact data above.